Since 2006, REEF, previously Nehna la Baed, has been providing medical and social support to thousands of people in Lebanon.
With the economic collapse of 2020 and the COVID19 emergency, we expanded our work to include a food distribution initiative to make sure that no one goes hungry.
With sustainability in mind, we developed an agri-food concept, providing people in need with access to food, while training and enabling farmers and producers to innovate and upgrade the quality of their products for eventual exporting.
With the catastrophic explosion at Beirut Port on August 4, 2020, REEF once again adapted to the situation and began working on long-term solutions and support to the victims of the blast. While REEF provided immediate relief where necessary, we are currently focused on the long-term impact of the blast, given the lack of insurance and social security.
We strongly believe that good coordination between NGOs and the private sector can lead to a healthy community equipped to building a better future, empowering people to live a dignified life with less pain and suffering.


Put simply, REEF aspires to reach a self-sufficient society where nobody lives without food, shelter or medical treatment.
It aims to empower beneficiaries to become proactive participants in their respective community and feel a real sense of belonging by contributing in social work and community building where the Receiver becomes a Donor.


REEF operates on three main pillars: social development, medical assistance, and the improvement of the agri-food sector.

As part of our SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT work, REEF provides people with basic needs and necessities in their everyday life, including but not limited to food and shelter.
REEF will work on motivating , engaging and empowering people to make the difference in the civic life of their community .

Regarding MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, Reef supports people that cannot afford their necessary medical and psychological treatments.

As for the AGRI-FOOD SECTOR, REEF works to empower local farmers and producers to explore the world of agri-food with all its possible ventures, markets, and new technologies by providing them with the necessary tools and means to reach their full potential. We are here to assist these farmers and producers to enhance their technical skills, create innovative products based on market needs and commercialize local produces, with the key goal to reach long-term sustainability.


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Dr. Miguel R. Abboud

Board Member

Miguel is a Professor of Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology | Chairman, Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine @ AUHMC .
Miguel and his team volunteered to put their long experience and practice to serve REEF s cause in assisting people suffering from chronic disease and follow-up on the wounded victims of the Beirut explosion of August 4 , 2020

Lara Hanna Wakim

Board Member

Lara , holds a PHD in food processing engineering . She will lead the agri-food initiative .
Lara & her team will provide producers with vocational training on good hygiene and manufacturing practices , help them develop new innovative products , upgrade the quality and open doors for distribution .

Christelle Salameh

Christelle is an agricultural engineer and PhD holder in Food processing and biotechnology.
Christelle will be using her expertise in Food science technology and chemistry to help producers upgrade their products quality to meet international standards, train them on best practice for Food processing and preservation of Lebanese Culinary Heritage .

Dr. Mario Njeim

Dr. Mario Njeim ,cardiologist & cardiac electrophysiologist | founder of the cardiac catheter ablation laboratory at HDF Hospital | Co-chairman of the cardiac electrophysiology workgroup of the Lebanese Society of Cardiology .
Dr Njeim and his team volunteer with REEF to assist ill people in need and provide them with the necessary attention and care

Sirine Jisr

Sirine , is a consultant at Deloitte M E, specialized in Operations and Financial Services.
Sirine will be heading REEF’s operation . with her team she will be contributing to what she does best , Process Improvement.

Tatiana Karam

Tatiana is a communications specialist with an experience in marketing. She will be implementing REEF communications processes, driving awareness through online and key media campaigns.

Charbel Abou-Charaf

Charbel is a partner with international law firm White & Case LLP. Charbel and the White & Case team are providing legal assistance to REEF